Vivian Farmer For Pension Administrator !

The Daily Courier – 7-5-2015     Vivian Farmer

Letter to the Editor:  Pensions

Regarding the Public Safety Pension Retirement System article in the Courier, I am demanding our city and state elected officials do something immediately.

Has a letter been written to the department that oversees this system that says “our city will not be held hostage because of their (PSPRS’) mistakes,” has our Mayor and County Supervisors written letters to every affected city and township in the state asking them to stand with us, if this has been done let the citizens of Prescott know about it.

It seems you are just caving in to this state department because they are part of the state, make the PSPRS cover the short fall.

This is not how this works, we “the taxpayers and voters” hired you to do a job and now you say OOOOOPPPPP’s and expect us to roll over and just take it.

Don’t worry Vivian, the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System just hired another media consultant to ensure their political “spin” gets thoroughly published in local and national papers and, more importantly, ensures that your voice is NEVER HEARD!

Not only will you “take it,” the PSPRS Board of Trustees is ensuring that you take it with a smile, because you have no other choice.

– Pensioners First

Prescott City Council show me what you are doing in this situation to warrant a yes vote on this upcoming ballot (tax) measure, don’t just threaten me with cutting my services. Let the people know what you all are doing to correct this situation.

Sorry Vivian, the Prescott City Council can’t do much to correct the past and current public safety pension liabilities; however, cities and municipalities can change the future by demanding reform from Governor Doug Ducey’s office and their representatives in the legislature.

Governor Ducey appoints the PSPRS Board of Trustees.  These Trustees can be removed and replaced with reformers willing to tell the truth, and who are not there for union representation or political gain.

PSPRS will not change until the Governor feels the heat and the Arizona League of Cities and Towns brings the heat (PS – Prescott is a member of the League).

– Pensioners First

I am sending a copy of this letter to the Courier, Yavapai County Supervisors, Mayor and Prescott City Council, Governor Ducey, our State Senator and our State Representatives.

Lets hope we see some action.

Don’t hold your breath Vivian

– Pensioners First

Vivian Farmer



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