Securities And Exchange Commission Now Investigating Arizona Public Safety Pension

The Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System pension discloses that it is now the subject of a United States Securities and Exchange Commission investigation.

This is a new and previously undisclosed Federal investigation of the Arizona PSPRS pension system.


SEC Investigates PSPRS Pension

SEC Investigates PSPRS Pension


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an agency of the United States federal government. It holds primary responsibility for enforcing the federal securities laws.

The SEC has a three-part mission: to protect investors; maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitate capital formation.

The enforcement authority it received from Congress enables the SEC to bring civil enforcement actions against individuals or companies alleged to have committed accounting fraud, provided false information, or engaged in insider trading or other violations of the securities law. The SEC also works with criminal law enforcement agencies to prosecute individuals and companies alike for offenses that include a criminal violation.

Pensioners First – Somebody isn’t playing nice with others!


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One response to “Securities And Exchange Commission Now Investigating Arizona Public Safety Pension”

  1. Watch dog says :

    In November 2014, PSPRS held a press conference and declared the US Attorney had cleared the pension leadership of any wrongdoing. “Trustee” Chairman Brian Tobin declared, “I knew this day would come.”

    Now we are in April 2015 and find the following on the PSPRS agenda: “update and discussion” on the US Attorney investigation. At the very least, an investigation by that office has gone on for the last 5 months! As if that is not outrageous enough, we find out from the agenda that the SEC is also investigating PSPRS?!

    The SEC does not investigate good doings. “Trustee” Brian Tobin mislead the pensioners and the public once again. He should have been fired a long time ago.

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