Desert Troon’s Chairman Associated With International Loan Sharking

According to multiple published articles, beginning at least on November 8th, 2014, and possibly earlier, Desert Troon’s Chairman and senior investor, Tore Christian Diskerud, is allegedly associated with what appears to be multiple individual reports of loan sharking in Europe.


  • The Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is a major investor with the Desert Troon Companies, to the tune of something like $300 million (more about Desert Troon’s investment performance).
  • Tore Christian Diskerud is the Chairman and apparently the founder of the Desert Troon Companies.
  • Tore Diskerud, Pal Diskerude, and a mysterious entity named Unius, LLC (and possibly San Francisco-based Troon Pacific) is allegedly associated with unregulated and possibly illegal loan sharking (usury) in Europe.
  • Unius LLC is one of the many entities associated with Desert Troon’s  and Arizona PSPRS’ joint-venture “DTR-1” real estate holding company (see the Arizona Corporate Commission and PSPRS’ public meeting minutes).
  • The FSA or Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet) is investigating for potential illegal activity.

Dagens Naeringsliv has reported some or most of these alleged concerns.

  • Dagens Næringsliv is Norway’s largest business newspaper with a circulation of 80,595 in 2013 (daily). Dagens Næringsliv publishes news, investigative reporting, commentary, analysis and debate concerning Norwegian business and society. The paper wants to inform people not just about what is happening, but why. We keep a critical eye on the key players and companies in the financial and business sectors.

The following article appears to have been originally published in Norwegian, but was translated by Google Translate.  Let’s see how good Google really is…

Authors:  Gøran Skaalmo Knut Gjernes Publisert: 11.11.2014

Loan shark was funded by the US

Loan shark Paul Diskerud live and operate from a 20-million luxury apartment on Tjuvholmen in Oslo. Who owns the apartment, and how it is paid, appears to be highly uncertain.

This is the case
From a penthouse on Tjuvholmen serve asylum investor and football agent Paul Diskerud (53) money on controversial lending in the unregulated market.

Many of the loans are organized as purchase with a repurchase option, but then a much higher price. Interest rates are at most over 100 percent a year.

A retiree in need of care and an elderly woman is in danger of losing their homes to Diskerud. In DN Saturday told several of Diskerud customers how he makes himself unavailable to loans secured by real estate attempted settled.

Neither Diskerud or his companies have a license to engage in lending. Diskerud is listed with zero income and no fixed abode.

Pål Diskerud believes he has done nothing wrong and writes in an email that the DN trying “to produce another, ordinary business activities disguised loans. This is incorrect. ”

FSA will examine whether the activity is legal.

In the new Penal Code will ågerparagrafen removed [ ågerparagrafen appears to be Norwegian for usury interest or loan sharking].

From a 180 square meter apartment on Tjuvholmen driver loan shark Paul Diskerud his controversial lending business. Apartment, and a smaller, adjoining apartment, was purchased in 2009 for over 20 million.

On paper, the buyer was the US registered company Unius LLC, which was created in the US state of Delaware in 2008.

[Appears to be an interview]

I can not reveal who owns the company or who know how to get in touch. It is confidential, says a representative for Unius’ registered agent in Delaware.

Can you forward a message?

No. All other correspondence than about taxes being thrown in the trash. We further brings no messages.

Apartments at Tjuvholmen is not encumbered by a mortgage, which shows that it is not pledged to the bank. Where the purchase of 20.5 million came from, no one can confirm.

We sold the apartment to a private person at launch in 2006. Later, it traded in the secondary market. The transaction does not know we said Christoffer Utne in Tjuvholmen KS.

Transfers from abroad of more than NOK 100,000 must be reported by banks or financial institutions that receive the transfer.

DN has not found that the reports of transfers from Unius, LLC in the United States in Norwegian registers. It is therefore unclear how Unius, LLC paid for the apartment, how the money may be transferred and to whom. Pål Diskerud, which, according to numerous sources disposes apartment has not answered questions from DN about this.

Company Unius LLC however involved in Diskerud-American family business.

Documents from Companies Register in Arizona shows that Unius LLC is co-owner of Dad Tore Diskerud’s estate empire in the US. According to company presentations, the company manages Desert Troon properties for more than a billion dollars.

More to follow.  Can anyone in Phoenix translate Norwegian (besides Tore Diskerud)?



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