Public Safety Unions Beat Back Pension Change

Reuters – In a big victory for city labor unions, voters rejected Prop. 487 by a margin of 56.5 percent to 43.5 percent, according to results posted online by the Maricopa County Recorder/Elections Office.

Arizona Republic Editorial Board Commentary

Doug MacEachern – Published November 8, 2014

At least 40 percent of the money that helped defeat Phoenix’s Prop 487 came from national unions. What, exactly, do national teachers unions have to do with a prop affecting Phoenix employees, I wonder? As for the remainder of the anti-487 contributions, the money came to the campaign from local firefighter unions. But when pro-487 leaders challenged whether those funds may have originated from out-of-state unions, all we heard in The Arizona Republic editorial board room from the city’s anti-487 leaders was silence. The origins of that money, in other words, appear kind of dark.

A majority of the Phoenix City Council has demonstrated themselves to be utterly, completely beholden to the interests of unions – both those of the city itself and private-sector unions, all of which help finance the election campaigns of those council members.

Are these unions their masters? Or are they simply ideological kin who just want to help out candidates whose political views just happen to line up with theirs? Personally, I don’t think it’s the latter.


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