Fields To Trustees – Serious Breach of Fiduciary Duty

March 20 2013 Fields – PSPRS Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Pensioners First – a public record gem

The Honorable Ken Fields is apparently making a claim against the PSPRS Board of Trustees’ insurance carrier regarding various breaches of fiduciary duty relating to the Trustees apparent lack of care  in defending the Arizona Elected Officials Retirement Plan (EORP).

In addition to a financial settlement to be paid back into the EORP pension system (not to Fields, but to all EORP retirees), Fields is requesting  mandatory  remedial fiduciary duty training for all Trustees.

Pensioners First agrees with Mr. Fields, but also thinks the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System’s Board of Trustees has breached its fiduciary duty many times on several different issues!


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2 responses to “Fields To Trustees – Serious Breach of Fiduciary Duty”

  1. john b. says :

    I appreciate the information but this organization needs to really go viral and contact “all” pension constituents. Since i live out of state i apologize if Pensioners First has gone viral with social media, Television news etc. Thank you, keep up the good fight!!

  2. Watchdog says :

    The request that all the PSPRS Trustees undergo remedial training on the concept of fiduciary duty is much needed. Administrator James Hacking, Chief Investment Officer Ryan Parham, and Fiduciary Counsel Marc Lieberman also desperately require the remedial training. I hope they are required to attend too.

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