Attempted Hack Into psprs W.R.O.N.G.S

March 21, 2013

Earlier today an attempt was made to hack into Pensioners First’s psprs W.R.O.N.G.S. blog, email, and systems.  Pensioners First’s robust network security prevented this intrusion.  We also have wet noodles standing by to beat hackers unconscious.

Who would want to hack into our system?

  • Edward Snowden is busy learning Russian
  • Since CIA and NSA hackers have better pensions than AZ cops and fireman we doubt they care
  • Who is interested in what becomes of the situation at PSPRS?

52,000 pensioners, 6.5 million taxpayers, and one hacker are watching!

Don’t change the pension benefits!  Change the decision makers!

Fear the wet noodles!


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One response to “Attempted Hack Into psprs W.R.O.N.G.S”

  1. Watchdog says :

    James Hacking a hacker?! I wonder how much taxpayer money he would have had to spend to have an agent do this. Maybe Hacking had Marc Lieberman bury the cost in Kutak Rock’s legal bills. PSPRS is $1 million over its legal budget after all …

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