Scandal This, Scandal That – What Is Going on at PSPRS?

Pensioners First just found this information:

Deputy Investment Officer sexual harassment at Arizona PSPRS  (according to the Arizona Republic):

Republic editorial writer Steve Benson discusses sexual harassment at the public safety pension (see his video below).  Mr. Benson opens by saying “Arizona scandal this, Arizona scandal that” –

According to an article written by Pensions and Investments on July 19, 2013, (found previously in this blog), featuring PSPRS Administrator James Hacking’s media photo, Hacking noted that Deputy CIO Martin Anderson instigated the sexual harassment problem discussed in Mr. Benson’s video.

Benson states that the Deputy Investment Officer apparently told a female coworker to “place her bum [butt] on a copy machine.”

Excerpts from the July 19 article include:

“Charges by investment staff at the $7.3 billion Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System that a top-down culture allows management to retaliate against dissent are being investigated by an employment law firm.”

“Mr. Hacking said he learned of the allegation after Mark Steed, acting chief
investment officer and chief of staff in the Arizona Public Safety fund’s
investment office, told him the issue was raised during a May 20 investment
team meeting.”

“The two top managers of the investment office — CIO Ryan Parham and Deputy CIO Marty Anderson — are named in the memo.”

“Mr. Steed’s memo said the ‘unhealthy culture’ at the investment office became worse following a sexual harassment incident in April 2012. Mr. Hacking said Mr. Anderson was disciplined for making an offensive remark to a female employee, and was demoted, losing the chief of staff title that Mr. Steed now holds.”

Pensioners First – Apparently the Arizona Republic knew that Deputy Chief Investment Officer Martin Anderson made the offensive remark to the female employee, as stated by Administrator Hacking.


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