NEPC – Consultants Lobby S.C. for Risky Investments

Consultants Lobby S.C. for Risky Investments

NEPC New England Pension Consultants

Pensioners First – What is this all about?

February 17, 2012
South Carolina Hotline – /

Meet just a few of the partners at New England Pension Consultants willing to risk the retirement of hard-working South Carolinians. Unfortunately, they have no skin in the game, so that you have worked a life-time to achieve this benefit means absolutely nothing to them; it’s other people’s money.

By Gina Smith –

Consultants recommended Thursday that the state’s retirement fund take on more risks and in return, hopefully, earn more money for the state.

It’s a move state Treasurer Curtis Loftis has fought.

Since January, Loftis has criticized the Retirement Investment Commission, which oversees the state’s pension money and which he sits on, for putting billions in alternative investments – anything other than stocks, bonds or cash. Loftis has said the investments are riskier and have caused the pension fund to pay higher-than-normal management fees.

But Thursday, consultants with New England Pension Consulting urged the commission to take several actions, including lessening the amount of cash that the pension system keeps on hand, and investing more in hedge funds and other alternative investments.


New England Pension Partners:

Richard M. Charlton Chairman

Michael P. Manning, CFA, CAIA Managing Partner

William Y. Bogle, IV Chief Compliance Officer, Partner

Joseph S. Breitfelder, CPA Partner

Ross A. Bremen, CFA Partner

Michael D. Cairns, CEBS Partner

Steven F. Charlton, CFA Director of Consulting Services, Partner

KC Connors, CFA, CAIA Partner

John M. Elliot Partner

Robert J. Fishman, CFA Partner

Sean W.B. Gill, CFA, CAIA Partner, Alternative Assets

Rhett Humphreys, CFA Partner

Paul R. Kenney, Jr., CFA Partner

Christopher J. Klapinsky, CFA Partner

Erik L. Knutzen, CFA, CAIA Chief Investment Officer, Partner

Catherine M. Konicki, CFA, CAIA Partner

John R. Krimmel, CPA, CFA Partner

Kevin M. Leonard Partner

Christopher A. Levell, ASA, CFA, CAIA Partner

Christine A. Loughlin, CFA, CAIA Partner

Allan C. Martin Partner

Timothy F. McCusker, CAIA, CFA, FSA Partner, Director of Traditional Research

David W. Moore, ARM, CEBS, CPCU Partner

Douglas W. Moseley Partner

Scott F. Perry, CAIA Partner

Kristin M. Reynolds, CFA, CAIA Partner

Jay E. Roney, CTP Partner

Neil N. Sheth Partner, Director of Hedge Fund Research

Bradley S. Smith, CFA, CEBS Partner

Carolyn Smith Partner

Craig A. Svendsen, CFA Partner

New England Pension Consultants



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